Life Lately

It was just a month since my last post and there were so many things that happened in my life. New experiences, opportunities, challenges, stupidity, even weird things were all in a month. Here are few things that lately happened in my life, in shorter words life lately.

I got a job! I mean A REAL JOB!!!

Can I get confetti for this please? Hahaha this ex-jobless girl finally got a fulltime job so we need to celebrate it. okay to be honest I wasn’t really jobless. I worked at a small company as a part time administration staff, I only needed to go to the office for 2 weeks every month. It was my friend’s family bussiness. They were very nice to let me work there untill I could find a real job. A little information, I graduated November last year and I have sent a hundred of job applications I believe. Unfortunately from ton applications I only recieved 5 job interviews and failed at most. You can imagine how frustrated I was for being jobless a year long! When I finally made it this time, I felt like thousand stars was stabbing my heart (lol taken from Tompi’s song). My job is very far from my education background. I have zero experience in this field as well. However this is the thing I really want to do since a long time and I have a feeling that I’m gonna love it very much! I will do my best for this! Well maybe I would make special blog post about career talk soon. Real soon.

I broke my glasses

Either I lose it or break it, I will always need a new pair every year. My endless stupidity. Now I am confused between getting new glasses or buy contact lenses. Daily disposable lenses seems perfect for me but they are expensive.

I finally found the perfect BRA *seriously life changing!*

This is very private but I have to put this thing as my highlight. Omg so embarassing hahaha. Ehmm I don’t think I need to tell much. The point is you will feel an amazing life when you are wearing a perfect bra.

Minimaxed my wardrobe

Last September I tried to make “capsule wardrobe” in order to make me easier picking outfit in the morning but then I failed. I was only doing it for a month and half. I learned that the aim of capsule/minimalist wardrobe is to help you only wear things you really need. So that rather than keeping 33 pieces as my go to/essential outfits for 3 months and packed the rest for the next batch I better “minimaxed” them. I listed things I owned, eliminated things I didn’t need, and added few pieces I really need to maximize my wardrobe. Nothing gonna hide in the drawer. Everything I see in my closet  is everything I have. By doing this I hope that I could stop shopping clothes for the next couple month and save up money for more useful things.

Scaled down my makeup

I used to be a makeup junkie. I had more than 20 lip products at the same time, I repeat twenty. It might be not a big number for some people but I had many makeup compared to any of my friends. However I didn’t actually wear them in daily basis. I’m an introvert and was very shy person (still shy but not that very shy). Wearing makeup and looking stand out weren’t my thing. I only worn makeup for FOTD to be posted on my old blog, social media, or makeup forum, then I wiped it out. Over the past couple years my makeup collection slowly downsizing. I barely buy makeup this day. I would only buy things that I need. I’m now happy with only 4 lipsticks, different colors and finish to be noted. Of course I have also foundation, blush, mascara, etc. However all these things I own now are things I need and I know I’m gonna wear them. Nothing is gonna be wasted in my makeup stash.

End of my December highlight or I could say life lately. My November was dark and depressed. It was just a month but everything is so different now. December is so bright and refreshing. Even though stupid things still happened to me, like when I almost got abused by a little kid in public transport or when I forgot to bring my debit card and had no cash in my first day of work. I still feel grateful for everything.

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