Sunday With Chu

Hey, I am Nana Chu. You can simply call me Nana. I was born on one fine blessed Sunday more than a thousand weeks ago. I love Sunday as much as I love morning, raining, and writing. Having a glass of milk in the rainy Sunday morning while writing is really my thing. When I was kid I had countless diary books and used them as my journal. I wrote random things, from daily activities, cerpen (fictions), poems, and quotes from my favorite movies/songs. Entering internet era in my teens, I started writing in digital. Yep, blogging.

After years hopping from one blogging platform to another, I finally took a new level of my blogging journey. I’m hosting my own blog now! Dealing with coding and maintenance are challenging and stressful, but I quite enjoy it now. Well I’m still not mastering it, I’m very basic. I need to learn more about this.

I love Sunday very much. Sometime I wish everyday is Sunday but I believe that would never happen. So I created this blog as my creative gallery and visual diary to make me feel forever Sunday. No matter what day it is, everytime I write and post I will always feel like it’s Sunday. Hopefully you (who read this now) would feel the same, feel the Sunday vibes. Thus “Sunday With Chu” was born.

Please notice that my English isn’t that good, so if you find any little mistake such wrong grammar or weird words please kindly tell me about that. My parents have thrown much money on my English course back then. However after finished school I rarely use my English, especially in writing and speaking. I think I need to brush up on my English. By running this blog in English hopefully could force motivate me to learn again.

So here I am now. Back to blog on a very nice Sunday. I swear, today’s weather is very beautiful here!

*Ps: My definition of beautiful weather is chilly and gloomy by the way. And by the time I edited this post (5 pm) it started raining. Perfect!!