Piece Of Memory

We just hit the second quarter of 2017 and so many things I’ve could learn already. Don’t put off untill tomorrow what you can do today, one of the lessons I got. Because sometime all we have is just today. That’s so much true. I’m that kind of person who always wait for a “perfect moment” to do something. Then I realize most of the time I missed those moments and chances instead. And If I had a star for every chances I missed I could probably build a new milky way galaxy.

Last March, I bought a new phone. It took 4 months for me to save up and finally bought a phone. I also moved my old SD card and edited some old pictures. This phone had an awesome crystal screen, you could see every detail of your picture. I already had this scenario on my mind “Edit old pictures, snaps new moments, keep it and post in in the middle of Spring. That will be a perfect moment to be back on blog/internet life.”

Unfortunately that could never happen.

I lost my phone two weeks after I got it. I lost my old SD Card as well. There are so many good memories there and now (almost) everything is gone. Here are a piece of memory I could save and share. I probably accidentally copied them when I was planning to blog about a hangout place.

Went to Sangatsu Matsuri

Tried K-Pop Chicken

Got a surprise from my collegemate! How I missed them :)

First time in my life got 2 birthday cakes, eventhough got this a week after birthday #grateful

Bought this just because…

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