October So Far


(Sailormoon at ICC 2016/My new addiction, collecting nail stickers!/Cloudy day/Another cloudy and gloomy day/Chunkee chick lovers/Back to blog/I accidentally put hot iron near my wallet so then I bought the same wallet/Met random vegan cat on the street/Tteokbokki!!)

It’s Sunday again! The 3rd Sunday of October. I think October is so good so far. It started raining (not everyday but quite made me happy), finished blog maintenance and launched it, back to work, went to 3 events. One of the event was my mom’s office anniversary celebration. This year event was quite boring so I just sit and busy with my phone. When I scrolled down my gallery I realized I barely take picture nowadays. For this half October I had less than 60 photos (only 3 selfies!) in my camera roll. Yeah I think I get lazier now. Too lazy even to take some selfies.

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